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YouTube is growing day by day and many brands are aware of this fact. An ideal YouTube banner size will enhance the reputation of your brand and will give a prominent shape to your channel in 2021.

Talking about an ideal YouTube banner size, it is usually a picture comprising of different graphics that works like a cover for your channel.

In a more simplified way, you can also say that YouTube banner works like a cover in the same fashion as Facebook page cover.

All things aside, let’s have a look at the important stuff which is an ideal YouTube banner size for your channel.

According to YouTube

According to the official YouTube developers, the criteria for uploading a YouTube banner is as follows;

  • The Official YouTube Banner Size is 2560×1440 pixels.
  • Recommended Size for a YouTube Banner is 2048×1152 pixels.
  • Safe areas in which you can put text or logos is 1546×423 pixels.
  • The maximum width should be 2560×423 pixels.
  • Minimum File Size which is acceptable for YouTube is 6mb.

All these criteria mentioned above has been specially managed by YouTube professionals and pro graphic designers.

Due to the increase in watch time of YouTube, many brands are turning towards this video sharing platform for different purposes.

As a matter of fact, almost 80% of people aged from 18 to 49 watch videos on YouTube in a month according to the latest survey.

The trend is going upwards day by day because more people are interested in visuals rather than reading books or articles on blogs.

Due to the immense rate of competition that is going on YouTube, there are a lot of channels available.

Now, how will you make your channel a unique one from other ones?

That is pretty simple. You will properly set the channel with proper logo and by designing a perfect YouTube Banner size giving a main theme of the channel.

Now, that you have got an idea about the YouTube banner size, we will not leave you alone after just giving you this idea.

Yeah, you got it right. With a step by step guide, we are going to share our experience on how to make a perfect YouTube banner in 2019 with all essentials and online tools.

So, sit tight and give this article a thorough read if you are a beginner and you don’t know much about how to design a professional looking YouTube banner size.

Understanding the YouTube banner Size

Not only knowing about the basics of a YouTube banner is not enough.

You also need to have enough knowledge about where to put your logo and text so that it might be visible to different devices with ease.

For a better info, this image is going to help you a lot in understanding the basics of a YouTube banner size;

ideal YouTube banner size
Credits: G2 Crowd Learning Hub

According to the image, the safe areas as mentioned are highlighted with orange color. This is where you will put the main theme of your channel.

Now, you might be thinking that why I need to know about safe dimensions? Well, this is because, the YouTube banner that you put on your channel will show in different ways across various devices such as TV, Desktop and Mobile phones.

All the dark blue space as shown in the image below is where you can put all your logos, texts or other necessary things that you want to show to your audience.

To understand how a YouTube banner works across different devices. Let’s take an example of the image shown below:

youtube banner maker 2560x1440

After uploading this picture on YouTube banner, it will look like this on the three most used devices:

youtube channel art 2560x1440

Now, you would have got an idea that why we are focusing on the safe dimensions only. The safe dimensions can be seen easily on all the three devices combined.

Hence allowing you to convey the main theme of your channel easily.


How to Make a Perfect YouTube Banner with Canva

This is where things get a bit sassy.

You are about to learn about how to design a professional looking YouTube banner on Canva free of cost.

So, let’s have a look:

Step 1:

Log in to or sign up by adding important information about yourself and then click on register.

youtube channel icon maker

After logging in to the website, the dashboard will look like this:

youtube banner background

Step 2:

From the dashboard, click on Create a New Design.

Now a new window will pop up and from here, click on YouTube Channel Art as shown below:

youtube channel art gaming

After clicking on this option, a new window will open with a new dashboard looking like this:

free youtube channel art

Step 3:

At the left side of the dashboard, there are different designs available for YouTube channel art. You can choose the one that suits according to the theme of your channel.

The canvas after selecting a specific design will look like this:

youtube profile picture maker

After you have selected the design, the next thing to do will be to edit the design according to your preferences.

As we are only educating you, we will do some simple editing to our design as shown below:

youtube logo maker

Step 4:

There are different editing tools available in Canva. You can use them to add more beauty to the YouTube channel art.

If you don’t like the background of your banner, and you want to upload a custom background to your design, follow these simple steps.

Click on the uploads logo as shown in the picture:

youtube channel art size maker

Here, you can see a blue button on which it is written that upload an image. You can upload your image from the device’s storage.

As we have got some samples already uploaded we will only click on one of them to make our background.

youtube banner size template

As you are seeing that all the text that we have written earlier is covered and the logo is covered as well.

Don’t panic. Click on the Position in the design menu as shown below:

youtube channel icon size

After you have clicked on it, there will be a lot of options available. Click on backward to send the background towards the back as shown below:

youtube channel art template psd

As from the image shown above, all the editing that you had done before is now back. The final design after some simple editing will look like this:

youtube banner size 2017

Step 5:

Now, when the final design is ready, the next step is to save it. Saving the channel art is an easy task.

Click on the download tab available at the top right side. You will be given different options to save the image in different formats.

Choose PNG and click on Download mentioned on a blue box.

BINGO! You have now saved the brand new YouTube banner for your channel.

YouTube Banner Size Design Tips and Techniques

Some important techniques to remember while you are designing your YouTube banner are as follows;

1. Keep the YouTube Banner as Simple as Possible

While you would have seen many channels whom banners are flooded with many useless and extra things that don’t even coincide with the main theme.

You should avoid this mistake. A simple, neat and clean YouTube banner only depicting the main theme should be more than enough for you.

Keeping it simple will increase the user interface. So, just like a YouTube Thumbnail, a YouTube banner should also be kept away from useless things as much as possible.

Some unique YouTube banners of Professional YouTubers are as follows;

Casey Neistat

Professional YouTuber


Top YouTuber

Expoza Travel:

YouTube Channel


2. Remember Your Marketing Goals:

This is yet another important factor to keep in mind while you are designing a YouTube Banner size for your channel.

It is obvious that you are not only designing a banner for your channel, it is also being designed for your subscribers.

So, keep some questions in mind like what you want to deliver through banner? What action should a subscriber take when he visits your channel? What are you trying to convey to the subscriber?

All these ideas should be present in a clear manner to enhance your branding and marketing.

3. Youtube Banner Without Text:

As long as an image is doing fine in conveying the idea you want to be delivered, there is no use of adding text to your YouTube banner.

The main thing here is if a banner is only an image and it describes the main theme of your channel, adding a text will make the main theme a bit weird.

So, restrain yourself from using extra and useless texts if the image alone is doing fine in depicting the main idea of your channel.

4: Know Where Is The Focus

The story of size adjustment, nonetheless, doesn’t end here. As your channel is seen on various devices, the YouTube banner size and format changes.

You need to ensure that the most significant piece of the picture doesn’t get cut off in the process – so follow these recommendations.

At the point when you design cover art, you need to try to put all the important data, for example, name, logo, phone number or call to action, in the centre area that won’t get cut off in any “edition.”

On PC screens, things got somewhat simpler since YouTube moved the station profile picture from the upper left area of the banner and separated it from the cover art– presently you never again need to worry that some detail may get darkened along these lines

Nonetheless, on a mobile version, your profile picture still impedes the cover art, so these things should be considered when you’re designing your YouTube banner


How to Find Free Background Images for YouTube Banner Size?

This is where every professional vlogger and a beginner gets confused.

Because of the recent copyrights law being implemented, there is a very strict policy on using someone’s else images.

So, what should you do in this scenario?

Well, don’t worry there are some websites available on the Internet providing HD quality images free of cost.

All they want is a donation (if you want to, i.e. they won’t force you) or sharing the website with your friends and family.

Some important sites in this regard are:

1. Pixabay:

Pixabay is one of the best free image websites with a lot of copyright free pictures. The quality of pictures is full HD. Even 4K images are available there. Make use of it when you need a background for your YouTube channel art.

2. Pexels:

Yet another important website providing free background images with crystal clear quality is Pexels. It also provides different qualities and will only ask you to share the website with your friends and family.

3. Unsplash:

Unsplash is a hub of full HD quality images. It can be used as well if you cannot find an appropriate background for your YouTube channel.

4. Pikwizard:

The last website is Pikwizard. It has been launched a few years back and has got a huge collection of royalty-free images as well.

How to Add YouTube Channel Art?

After you have designed a professional YouTube banner for your channel. The next step will be to upload it on YouTube.

If you don’t know how to upload a YouTube banner on a channel, follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Go to YouTube and click on the channel icon available on the top right corner. From there, go to my channel as mentioned below:

YouTube banner size 2019

Step 2:

Click on Customize Channel option available in the My Channel Dashboard menu. A new window will open where you can see the option of add channel art clearly.

YouTube channel art skill

Step 3:

Click on add channel art. A new window will pop up. You can simply drag the image from your desktop to space or click on Select a photo on your computer to find the destination file.

Selecting photo in YouTube banner size

As from the image above, it is clear that the dimensions of the YouTube banner should be 2560×1440 pixels.

Step 4:

After uploading, you should look out for the preview around different devices. If it is not clear on a desktop banner, click on the Adjust the Crop as shown below:

YouTube banner

Adjust the crop on the image according to your preferences and click on device preview option. The text is now visible across all the three devices as in the image below:

Adjusting crop in YouTube banner size

Step 5:

After clicking on select, the YouTube channel art is now saved successfully and will give a look like this:

Saved YouTube banner

How to Change YouTube Channel Art?

Whenever you think that now is the time to choose another banner, you can always change the YouTube banner.

Go to my channel. In the dashboard, on the top right corner of channel art, a pencil marker should be visible.

Click on it. The option will give you an option to edit the channel art. Take a look at the image for an easy understanding:

Changing YouTube Channel Art

Bingo! You can now easily change the channel art of your YouTube channel whenever you want.

The Final Word:

That would be all from us. We have not only depicted the ideal dimensions for a YouTube banner size, but the professional banner making tutorial is also included to facilitate you in every possible way.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow all the steps to make your channel a brand by uploading a professional looking YouTube channel art.

Good Luck!!

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