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Well, you want to start a vlog but cannot find any proper guide in order to start it properly? Don’t worry as in this guide we will discuss, how to start vlogging from absolute zero.

You will learn about vlogging, its platforms, how to start vlogging, necessary equipment for vlogging, and much more. So, stay tuned and we will tell you how to vlog in some easy steps.

What is Vlogging

Vlogging is a video version of a blog.

how to start a vlog
If you have got a blog these days and you want to drive a huge traffic towards it, making a vlog is an ideal choice for it. Vlog is all about your personal life, your daily tasks, hobbies, things related to your blogs and blah blah.

Vlogging has got major popularity these days and people love to watch vlogs of different people so that they can get to know about the person or they can get knowledge about different places. In this era, you simply just can’t ignore the significance of the vlog because it not only provides you a boost of huge traffic but is also responsible for keeping your blog alive and stable.

Platforms For Vlogging

Well, with the days advancing, there are many platforms available for vlogging. Some of them are discussed below :


YouTube is the biggest platform for vlogging and it has played a very crucial role in its popularity as well. It is a huge platform for vloggers where they can grab audience easily with the help of their vlogs. Without YouTube, vlogging is nothing. YouTube has got some of the biggest vlogging names such as Casey Neistat, PewDiePie and many others who are using YouTube as a platform for their vlogging videos.


Vimeo is a small video platform which is used to share different vlogs. It has got much less reputation as compared to YouTube but still, it’s a good platform for newbie vloggers to kick-start their vlogging career.


Facebook is currently the 2ng biggest platform after YouTube for vlogging videos. A lot of famous vloggers and YouTubers have now shifted to Facebook for driving huge traffic to their vlogs. The thing is YouTube takes a bit of time in making you popular and on Facebook you can boom in only a couple of days with your stunning vlogs.


A lot of people don’t know that Instagram is a secret vlog promoter. Many professional vloggers use it to promote their vlogs on YouTube or Facebook. What they do is similar make a small clip about all your vlog activates, upload it to Instagram and give a link to the full video in the video. Now if an Insta user finds it interesting he will open your complete vlog link for sure and in this way, Instagram will cooperate indirectly in driving traffic to your vlog. Freedom Bra

How To Start A Vlog?

Now, this is a topic every newbie is eager to learn about. We will move to different things one by one on this topic and you just need to keep your eyes open so that you can understand every bit of it. We won’t discuss any professional or complex things to you because we know that you are only a beginner. So, trust us and give this topic a full read to know how to start a vlog.

1. A Must Have Equipment

Well, if you are serious about making a vlog or starting a vlogging channel, you should have necessary equipment to shoot beautiful videos for your audience with ease and convenience. Following are the most important equipments that you should have before starting a vlog ;

Vlogging Camera
best vlogging camera

A lot of people think that they cannot afford a vlogging camera and they end up either making an ugly vlog or opting out from making a  vlog completely. Well, this is not true. In fact there are a lot of vlogging cameras available. Some are expensive, some are budget friendly.

You just need to make a choice regarding choosing a vlogging camera before making a vlog. For choosing a vlogging camera, we will recommend you to read our article on cheap vlogging cameras with flip screen and Best Vlogging Cameras Under 300$ so that you can solve your budget issues and make a good choice as well.

External Microphone

best youtube microphone

A lot of vlogging cameras come in with internal microphone but you can’t rely on an internal microphone of the camera. It will ruin the audio quality of your vlog.

For this purpose, you must buy an external microphone for your videos so that you can record a vlog without audio issues.

If you are interested in reading further about external microphones, give a read to the Best YouTube Microphones to Start a Vlog.


Gimbal or stabilizer is used to add steadiness and stabilization in a video. Now you have watched vlogs right? Ask yourself. Do you like shaky vlogs? Do you like vlogs which are blurry?

Do you like vlogs that are not stabilized? Yeah, there is only one answer to all these questions and it’s a big NO. So, if you can’t watch a vlog with above-mentioned features how can you expect someone to watch your vlogs which have got blurriness, shakiness and is without any stabilization?

For this purpose, a handheld gimbal or stabilizer is used to reduce all these bad effects on your vlog to make it more beautiful and stunning.

Click Here to read more about the best DSLR gimbals for your vlogging camera.

2. Select A Topic Or Niche

select a topic

Well, now you have got sufficient knowledge about necessary equipment for making a vlog, we will now move further. After selecting important stuff, you need to select a topic on which you are going to make a vlogging video.

The topic could be anything. You can make a vlog on your personal life activities, your hobbies, things related to your blog, different tutorials, travel vlogs, action or adventure vlogs and much more. These are some of the hot topics that you need to know before selecting a topic.

So, choose your topic wisely and try to choose only that one in which you have got interested because a topic of own interest will never get you bored.

3. Make A YouTube Channel

The second step after selecting a topic is to make a YouTube channel for your vlog. Now there are hundreds of tutorials available on how to make a stunning YouTube channel. IF you are facing any difficulties in making a YouTube channel, watch the video below to learn about making a YouTube channel properly.


4. Be Authentic

be authentic

Be Authentic while choosing content for your vlog because it has a great impact on your video. A vlog without any direction or a good story is just a piece of garbage.

You cannot grab the attention of your audience by making a vlog which describes nothing.

So, in all the ways be authentic in selecting content for your vlog because that’s a way of all professional vloggers and if you want to be like them, you will have to adopt their habits as well.

5. Keep The Vlog Short

Quality is what matters the most. No one will watch your videos if they don’t have quality in them. No one will waste their time on your vlogs which are 15 minutes long and have got no sense. So, make quality vlogs and forget about the time period. A good quality vlog has a time period of 5 to 8 minutes.

This is an optimum length of a vlogging video so that you can amuse your audience without wasting their time. So, do all you have got to do and make a short but perfect quality video to grab the attention of your subscribers and viewers on YouTube channel.

6. Where Are You? Where Do You Want To Be?

Vloggers need to describe some important stuff to their audience at the start of their video and it conveys a good impact of their video on them. You need to tell your audience that you are in a specific place and you will talk all about those things in your vlog.

Now, most of the vloggers just sit at their home to make different vlogs but if you are interested in travel, you may want to add this kind of introduction to your video before starting it.

7. Editing Softwares :

editing softwares for starting a vlog

Well, now you have taken pictures and video clips for your vlog and recorded yourself. What to do next? You need to find a good editing software which will merge your video clips and pictures according to your needs and will give you a final product. We are talking about the beginners so for beginners, the best video editing software is Windows Movie Maker. It is free and has got all these necessary features to make a good vlogging video.

Well, as you make progress in making vlogs, you will need to buy paid software like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, and Wondershare Filmora. The significance of paid software is, they provide a lot more features as compared to free ones and they can add a professional touch to your vlogging videos as well.

Some Tips For your Vlog

As we have completed our topic on how to start a vlog, we will now discuss some necessary tips for making your vlog perfect. So, let’s take a look ;

Quality Matters

As we have discussed earlier, quality matters the most in a vlogging video. You cannot impress your audience by just compiling up a list of video clips and uploading it to YouTube. Believe us, no one will like it and you won’t even receive a view on YouTube. So, try to make a vlog which has got more quality and has got all the aspects covered which you want it to be.

Watch For Trends

watch for trends

Look out for vlogging trends.What are people searching?

What do people want to see?

In what topics people are interested?

In this way, you can get a clear idea about your audience’ interest and you will be able to make a vlog which can grab you many subscribers and viewers easily.

Follow Professional Vloggers

what gear does casey neistat uses

Try to follow professional vloggers. Track them properly. Try to know about their vlogging gear, routine, how they make vlogs and how they address their audience.

It will inject an idea of being a pro while you are making a vlog. Professional vloggers are a source of motivation for you and you will be like them in coming future as well.

So, try to follow their everyday routine and how they make vlogs and you will feel a rapid improvement in your vlog making ability.

Check out 65 Vloggers You should Follow

Be Patient

be patient

Keeping patience is a virtue you will need in every walk of life and in vlogging, you will need it the most. A lot of time, things will happen that you will make a high-quality vlog but it will not get the due attention which you were expecting from it.

Your vlogging channel won’t receive a single subscriber even after putting your whole energy in it. Well, in these type of situations you just need to be patient and you need to give proper time to your vlogging channel.

Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes months but once your vlog has got attention, no one can stop you from achieving the heights of being a professional vlogger.

Don’t Be Inconsistent

Inconsistency will cost your vlogging channel a serious damage. You cannot afford to be inconsistent especially on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Try to make a schedule about how are you going to manage your vlogging channel and on which time of the day will you upload a video.

Make your vlogging channel consistent and watch it flourishing like a flower on YouTube or other social media platforms.


Well, that was all about how to start a vlog if you are a newbie. We have presented our article specially for newbie vloggers or complete beginners who are confused in starting a vlog. Just keep our tips and techniques in your mind and Boom like a pro.

Keep in mind that, it will keep time to make a stable vlogging channel. You will net to try and try and try in order to get success.

Being a professional Vlogger is not a piece of cake. It requires utter determination, patience, calmness, and consistency. Imply these virtues in your life and see yourself succeeding in every walk of life.

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