Best Gaming Chair Under 150$ – Ergonomic Design With Lumbar Support

Best Gaming Chair Under 150$ – Ergonomic Design with Lumbar Support

Last updated: 3 November, 2021

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Are you having backache due to an unstable, unsafe, and uncomfortable back seat that is made up of poor material, worn-out leather, and offers zero reclining position? I think it’s time that you change your chair with the best gaming chair under 150 that will offer you everything that you need.

Yes, it will give you comfort, a reclining option, ergonomic swivel, padded headrest, padded arms, and much more.

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So, are you ready to make this investment for a lifetime?

8 Best Gaming Chair Under 150 – Durable Performance and A Safe Seat

Modern furniture needs to be in style, properly designed, and suitable for daily use. Customers usually go for affordability, material-used, and comfort while buying the best gaming chairs under 150.

And what do you look for?

Editor Choice
OFM ESS Collection High-Back – Race-Car Styled

OFM Essential collection racing style chair is an inexpensive product that offers excellent comfort and stability.

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Premium Choice
VECELO Computer Gaming High Back – Orthopedically Designed

Vecelo is a high back gaming chair that weighs 45.5lbs and dimensions 26.4x26.4x51.2 inches.

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Best Choice
Gaming Chair PU Leather Racing Chair – Executive Computer Chairs

Rimking gaming chair is a stylish and sturdy chair suitable for both gaming and office furniture.

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Great Value
Office Chair, Ergonomic Gaming Chair - Computer Desk Chair

Smugdesk is an ergonomic design, gaming, computer, and office chair.

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Top Pick
SONGMICS Racing Gaming Chair – Larger Load Capacity

SONGMICS Gaming Chair comes in a very eye-appealing red and black color..

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Great Comfort
Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair – Ergonomic Computer Chair

The Flash Gaming chair weighs 52 pounds and the size dimension is 60x29xs51 inches.

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Best Quality
Musso Ergonomic (Black) Gaming Chair – High-Quality Thick Leather

Going forward, we have the Musso gaming chair weighing 48.5 pounds and a dimension size of 49.6x26.8x26.8 inches.

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Best Stylish
RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming – Lightweight

RESPAWN weighs up to only 23 pounds, which is very lightweight in comparison to our previous brands.

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1. OFM ESS Collection High-Back – Race-Car Styled - Editor Choice

  • Back: High back
  • Padded: Padded armrest and seat
  • Height: Height 44.50” – 48.25
  • Width: 20” wide and 18.875” deep
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OFM Essential collection racing style chair is an inexpensive product that offers excellent comfort and stability. It allows you to remain comfortable during an intense gaming session. And it comes with a flip-up padded armrest, headrest, and segmented padding that helps provide excellent support.

Tall guys and 275-pound weight range people will love the support offered by this gaming chair. But, it won’t be able to support bigger and bulkier people above 275 pounds.

Additionally, it gives a 360-degree swivel, and 20 inches wide seat with 158.875” depth provides enough space to move around. It is also very stable due to its smooth wheels. Plus, its built-in lumbar support provides a cushion to the lower back after prolonged and tiring seating the whole day. Moreover, the material is thread leather with stain-resistant blue mesh, giving it a sleek and cool look.

Whether you’re having a virtual gaming session or dealing with your day-to-day office stress, its pliable, smooth, and customized features give you utmost comfort with luxury and style. Also, you can lock it in an upright position.

The chair weighs 37 pounds with a dimensions of 30.5x28.25x44.5 inches. All in all, it is quite an economical chair at this price.

However, it gets slightly uncomfortable after a certain period due to its lack of Lumbar and headrest cushion. You will have to add an extra cushion for the seat and a pillow for the headrest. Moreover, its backrest does not recline from a 90 degrees upright position, in case you want a comfortable and relaxing position by tilting it. A bit disappointing for me as I love to have a relaxing position in my chair.

In comparison to the Vecelo Gaming Chair, OFM does not have a seat reclining function, which proves to be a disadvantage. Besides, Vecelo offers a headrest pillow along with a lumbar cushion, which is a definite plus point. Both options provide maximum comfort and a relaxing position to which OFM lacks.

  • Adjustable height
  • Padded armrest
  • Economical
  • Wide seating
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Lack of proper lumbar and headrest support
  • No seat recline function

2. VECELO Computer Gaming High Back – Orthopedically Designed - Premium Choice

  • Swivel: 360 degrees swivel
  • Recline: 90-180 degrees recline
  • Height: Chair height 48” – 51.2”
  • Backrest Size: Backrest size 21.2
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Vecelo is a high back gaming chair that weighs 45.5lbs and dimensions 26.4x26.4x51.2 inches. It is one of the most ergonomically designed best computer gaming chairs that come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Providing a 360-degree swivel, it can recline to a max of 180 degrees and has a rocking function as well.

With its height-adjustable function, the chair can be lifted from 17.9 to 20.9 inches. Thus, making it comfortable for taller or shorter height users.

The material is skin-friendly PU leather of premium quality and also easy to clean. The chair is very convenient and comfortable for office use as well. It has a removable headrest pillow, lumbar cushion support for the seat, and an adjustable armrest. The armrest is adjustable from 12.4 inches to 15.1 inches. Plus, its noiseless PU wheels make it easier and smooth to move around without the floors being scratched.

The seat is 19.6x14.2 inches in size and gives plenty of room to wiggle around, especially for people with a wide hip.

It has an international standard gas spring along with a metal frame that makes it a stable and durable structure. The chair is designed orthopedically and handles weight up to 300 lbs.

However, its tall height is a disappointing factor for people with short height. Also, assembling is tricky and time-consuming.

If we compare it to OFM collection chairs, its capacity to handle weight is more. Where OFM can handle weight up to 275 lbs, Vecelo has a capacity of up to 300 lbs. Moreover, it has headrest pillows and a lumbar support cushion, unlike OFM.

  • Load handle capacity (300lbs)
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion
  • Noiseless
  • PU wheels
  • Skin-friendly
  • PU leather
  • Maximum swivel
  • Good reclining position
  • Too big for short height people
  • Assembling is time-consuming

3. Gaming Chair PU Leather Racing Chair – Executive Computer Chairs - Best Choice

  • Footrest: 14 inches wide footrest
  • Height: Adjustable height 48.2-51.6 inches
  • Recline Position: 90-155 degrees recline position
  • Material: Faux leather material
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Rimking gaming chair is a stylish and sturdy chair suitable for both gaming and office furniture. It has skin-friendly PU leather with comfortable dense foam and hassle-free to clean. The backrest is high enough and properly aligned to support your neck and back besides this, it also has ventilation holes.

Moreover, the ergonomic design supports back with its extra cushion, making sitting for hours either playing games or during office hours comfortable and stress-free. Providing a 360-degree swivel, it can recline 90-155 degrees with a lock. Thus, giving a more relaxed position to stretch and relax.

One of the best parts is its retractable footrest to lean or stretch your legs in a comfortable position. It helps in releasing fatigue and soreness due to prolonged sitting hours. Its base is of metal frame and is capable of load capacity up to 300 lbs.

With its adjustable height function, you may lift it 48.2-51.6 inches. It weighs 41 pounds and dimensions: 51.6x20.75x25.4 inches. Moreover, you get to experience gaming chair under 150.

A slightly disappointing factor is the lack of a padded armrest. Whereas, Vecelo and OFM essential collection chairs consist of the flip-up padded armrest. While sitting for long hours working in the office or playing games, arms get numb and feel uncomfortable. Thus, having a padded armrest reduces the discomfort.

Similarly, the latter chairs do not have a footrest to support your legs, whereas the Rimking chairs provide a retractable footrest.

Overall, the lack of a padded armrest counts as a drawback.

  • Retractable footrest
  • 90-155 degrees reclining position
  • Headrest pillow
  • Lumbar support cushion
  • 360-degree swivel
  • No padded armrest

4. Office Chair, Ergonomic Gaming Chair - Computer Desk Chair - Great Value

  • Swivel: 360 degrees swivel
  • Height: Max height 50.98 inches Min height 47.24 inches
  • Reclining: Reclining position 90-150 degrees with lever lock
  • Support: Lumbar support cushion & Headrest pillow
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Smugdesk is an ergonomic design, gaming, computer, and office chair. Its reclining position is adjustable 90-150 degrees with a lever to lock your desired angled position. Made of faux leather, it weighs 43 pounds with a dimension size 21.26x19.49x47.24 inches.

Moreover, the seat is designed to provide comfort and lessen stress on the muscles due to prolonged working hours in the office or the hours at the gaming session. It has a 4-inch thick padding with lumbar cushion support to ease your back. Along with that, the removable headrest pillow supports your neck and back alignment.

The 360-degree rolling caster makes rolling the chair around easier and quicker. With the height-adjustable function, the chair is adjustable 47.83-51.7 inches. Its PU leather is scratchproof, durable, and easy to clean.

One of the benefits worth mentioning is that the company offers replacement services of accessories for 36-month. Which is a very appealing offer and also not offered by previously reviewed gaming chairs.

Its load capacity is 250 lbs which is less in comparison to our previously reviewed gaming chairs like OFM essential, Vecelo, and Rimking. Moreover, Rimking has a retractable footrest to provide comfort and soothe fatigue of the legs. Whereas, Smugdesk does not have this feature.

  • 36-month free accessories replacement
  • Reclining position 90-150 degrees with lever lock
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Headrest pillow
  • Lumbar support cushion
  • Easy to clean and scratch proof
  • PU leather
  • Low load capacity
  • No footrest

5. SONGMICS Racing Gaming Chair – Larger Load Capacity - Top Pick

  • Capacity: 330 lbs load capacity
  • Swivel: 360 degrees swivel
  • Reclining: Reclining position 90-135 degrees
  • Backrest Size: Backrest height 28”
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SONGMICS Gaming Chair comes in a very eye-appealing red and black color and weighs 45.4 lbs with a dimension size 26.4x26x49.6 inches. An ergonomically designed chair provides comfort for office, home office, and gaming. It has a footrest that is attached to iron pipes to slide it in and out easily.

Moreover, the chair is made of premium quality leather with dense foam padded seats and padded armrest to provide a relaxing feel. The leather seat is easy to clean and wipe along with the base which is made up of washable nylon. The chair can handle a weight maximum of 330 lbs. Its quiet castors provide a 360-degree swivel, providing stress-free roaming around.

It also has lumbar cushion support with a soft headrest for comfort, ease of stress, and reduces body fatigue. The seat size is wide enough to accommodate comfortably.

Comparatively, to our previous products, Smugdesk has a larger weight load capacity that is 330 lbs.

In conclusion, the chair is economical and good. But I'm slightly disappointed with the quality of the footrest. However, it could have been made better and durable. It feels like it could come off if applied more pressure.

Avoid sunlight exposure for longer, and avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects to avoid unnecessary damage.

  • Padded armrest
  • Lumbar cushion support
  • Padded headrest pillow
  • Foam padded seats
  • Noiseless casters
  • The footrest is not durable

6. Flash Furniture X30 Gaming Chair – Ergonomic Computer Chair - Great Comfort

  • Seat Size: Seat Size is 22.5”x 19” x 18 - 21.5”9(WxDxH)
  • Swivel: 360-degree swivel
  • Style: X30 - Gaming Recline with Footrest
  • Size: Overall Size is 29” Wx29” – 60”x 48 – 51” H
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The Flash Gaming chair weighs 52 pounds and the size dimension is 60x29xs51 inches. Keeping in view the comfort factor, the chair is designed ergonomically with a reclining back, lumbar support, footrest, and padded armrests.

The chair can be reclined at 87-145 degrees for a relaxing feeling or muscle stretch. Its lumbar support and removable headrest also add to comfort. The material faux leather is durable and easy to clean. The footrest elevates your foot and soothes soreness and fatigue due to long sitting hours. And the lumbar cushion and headrest pillow are designed to ease pain and support the neck and back.

It gives 360 degrees swivel movement resulting in easy roam around. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty of metal parts that are not movable along with that 2-year warranty of other parts. The base of the chair is plastic and the pole is metal.

Its capacity to hold weight is a maximum of 280 pounds, which is very less in comparison to the Songmics gaming chair. Also one of the very concerning factors is its low-quality screw which does not help at all while assembling.

  • 360-degree swivel
  • Footrest
  • Lumbar cushion
  • Removable headrest pillow
  • Easy to clean
  • Low weight capacity
  • Low-quality screws

7. Musso Ergonomic (Black) Gaming Chair – High-Quality Thick Leather - Best Quality

  • Back Size: Back Size 23.3×33 (WxH)
  • Height: Adjustable Height 18.20-21.9 inches
  • Swivel: 360 degrees swivel
  • Capacity: 300 lbs load capacity
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Going forward, we have the Musso gaming chair weighing 48.5 pounds and a dimension size of 49.6x26.8x26.8 inches. It has an adjustable headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion for neck and back support. It is made of thick leather that is super soft and provides resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis. Whereas, ordinary leather is prone to easy damage and also non-resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation.

Moreover, the frame is made up of high quality using welding technology for long-lasting performance. The sponge used in the padded seats is of high density providing a soft and bouncy feeling which eases fatigue. Plus, it is tested to pass 100,000 times fatigue impact and 120,000 times fatigue tilting. It meets international standards.

The seats are gun nailed, u-shaped with a steel frame of high strength. Besides, the stitching is also wrinkle-free and meets the standards. The chair has an adjustable armrest with a rocking function and reclining position of 90-170 degrees. And the load capacity is 300 lbs.

However, my concern is its tendency to tip over forward when you try to sit. It has happened in many instances to which I say that the chair is unstable often. And it's too costly compared to other brands offering the same qualities.

  • 300 lbs load capacity
  • High-quality thick leather
  • Wrinkle-free stitching
  • 360 degrees swivel
  • Good reclining position (90-170 degree)
  • Expensive
  • Falls forward

8. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming – Lightweight - Best Stylish

  • Recline: Recline 90-155 degrees
  • Weight: Light Weight 23 pounds
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Support: Lumbar cushion support & Adjustable headrest
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RESPAWN weighs up to only 23 pounds, which is very lightweight in comparison to our previous brands. Its size dimension is 28.5x28x51.5 inches with race car style. It provides comfort and luxury while in an office or during a gaming session.

Its reclining function of 90-155 degrees gives you a more relaxing position with a padded armrest, lumbar cushion support, and adjustable headrest. Its ergonomic design offers a footrest that is extendable and adds to your comfort level.

It maintains its professional look despite being in bold red contrast with black. Moreover, the load capacity is 275 lbs. However, people above this weight range are not recommended to use or buy this chair. It also offers a lifetime warranty but depends on the company’s services.

In conclusion, the chair is good, especially the footrest and the base are also sturdy. But other parts of the chair might get worn out soon. Which is very discouraging when the price is also high.

In comparison to previously discussed brands, like Vecelo, Smugdesk, Rimking, Respawn is lightweight and easy to handle but worn out easily, and expensive too.

  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lumbar cushion support
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Padded armrest
  • Sturdy
  • Expensive
  • Wobbly and worn out soon

Buying Guide

Gaming chairs under 150 are the most common demand of youth nowadays. As they love to play games, so they need luxury and comfort all in one. However, it is not a difficult task to make a selection, but customers usually get confused about what to buy and what not.

As competition is increasing day by day, likewise, the needs of people are also increasing. Thus, when it comes to comfort and safety, then you can’t think of making any sort of compromise because personal care is a must.

But, before anything else, if you are looking for good gaming chairs, then it is necessary for you to answer a few questions that I will ask you right here.

  • Is your child ok with any color gaming chair or he/she wants a customized version?

  • Are you looking for a specific material gaming chair that makes it look more classy, attractive, and comfortable?

  • Are you interested in the options that these chairs provide that will protect your or your child’s back, head, hand, and foot?

  • Also, are you in search of an office chair or a racing-style ergonomic chair that will keep your body posture right in shape?

  • And are you in search of a specific design in these gaming chairs that will suit your needs?

If all these questions were in your mind, then I think you have arrived at the right place. I will sort it out one by one for you so that you can feel free to shop at the end.

Sounds great, right?

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Material – What’s Making them Classy and Durable?

The most important thing to look for in a comfortable chair is the material used. As we all know that every object is different from the other, therefore, every material used in these chairs will also be different from the other.

All you have to do is look for your comfort and satisfaction.

The gaming chairs that I have included in the article are composed of multiple materials such as:

  • Leather

  • Foam

  • PVC

  • Steel

  • Faux leather

  • PU

  • Nylon

  • High-density sponge

  • Metal

  • Plastic

  • Twill

  • Plywood

  • polyurethane

All these materials help in the formation of adjustable, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting back and the front seats of the chair. Now, it’s totally on you which material you will prefer.

Usually, customers feel satisfied when using leather or sponge-made chairs as they offer complete support to the body, no matter how long you sit.

Weight – Easy to Swivel and Adjust

Weight and size is another most important feature that you should consider before buying racing or gaming chairs like these. Make sure they are not heavy, which makes it difficult for you to handle and adjust. Also, they should not be light enough that they should topple over with slight pressure.

You have to keep in mind the two extremes. The gaming chairs that I have included range from 23 pounds to 330 pounds.

But, their manufacturing, design, and installation make them suitable for every activity and place.

They should include all the options and features that you want and should facilitate you anyways just like you want them to.

Good for the job!

Tip: You should know that every chair has its load-bearing capacity, so you have to be careful about it when buying one.

Positions – Are They Adjustable?

Seat adjustability and seat reclining are the two foremost options that you should search for whenever you are buying a movable chair. Moreover, their portability is as important as their reclining position and tilting setup.

Plus, these chairs should be multi-functional that shall offer:

  • 90 to a 180-degree seat reclining option

  • Vertically adjustable armrest, headrest option

  • The round base of 360-degree swivels

  • Lumbar cushion

  • Headrest removal

  • Quality support for your neck, back, and head

  • Durable and retractable footrest

  • Sedentary setting

  • Ergonomic design that will completely support the body posture and back especially

  • Comfortable padding use for headrest, backrest, and armrest also

All of these options will help you to work, play, watch, and relax comfortably without hurting yourself. Additionally, all of these reclining angles and seat adjustments will certainly give you maximum plus gentle support for all day and night.

Now, choose what inspires you.

Color – Make Them Look Regel!

I usually look for an attractive color arm or gaming chair that will energize me and refresh my mood. So, what do you say about it?

Colors should be bright, attractive, and eye-catching. Therefore, I have included various brands that produce gaming chairs consisting of different shocking plus sober colors as well such as:

  • Orange

  • Red and Black

  • Gray

  • White and many more

So now you have to decide which one suits you the most. You can also match the color of the chair to your room, lounge, or office interior.

Options – You May Avail

As I have already mentioned above that these chairs are a complete package that will give you all kinds of comfort. But, all you have to do is adjust them according to the instructions given and also assemble them as stated in the manual. Plus, you can also adjust the height of the headrest pad according to your requirement.

Some of the chairs also have the feature of an ergonomic desk that will fully support your body and figure when you are doing some work or gaming. Furthermore, the desk also might consist of a cup holder that will let your hands deal with things freely.

Note: Ergonomic racing chair is slightly different from the rest of the chair in terms of features, options, and adjustability.

So, before buying the gaming chair you should know which type of chair you want.

However, if you want endless comfort and a tilting chair, then go for the chair that will include a tilt mechanism to offer full support.

If you are an all-time gamer and do not have any suitable as well as relaxing gaming place or a chair, then I would recommend that you should go for the best PC gaming chair. That will help you to have your fun, game, and relaxing time right at the spot.

Economical – Easy on Budget

Let me guess, you were looking for a high-quality gaming chair for under 150? I think your desire is about to be fulfilled. The chairs that I have included in this particular article are considered the top computer chairs for gaming that are affordable, occupy less space, and are modern as well.

But, before choosing the chair, knowing about its price and comfort should be your primary priority.


How can I choose the best gaming chair for under 150?

Choosing a gaming chair for under 150 is not an easy task, but you have to do a little research before taking a final decision. You can search online, read related articles, know about their important features, and read customer reviews to choose the best option.

Which chair is the best to be used for a long time?

If you are a gamer and want to choose the best chair that will offer you comfort, safety, and durability, then I think you should go for the ergonomic racing chair. Undoubtedly, it will give you everything that you are looking for.

Is the cheap gaming chair worth the purchase?

All the gaming chair types are different as they belong to different brands and manufacturers. All you have to do is focus on the features of these chairs that will give you everlasting comfort. People keep on buying these chairs as they find them cool and affordable. So, I think there is no big deal if you buy a cheap gaming chair, it will give you all the comfort you need.

Are these gaming chairs a waste of time and money?

No, these chairs are not a waste of time and money. If you spend most of your hours while sitting on a chair, then it is a must-have for you. It will keep your back straight and head height adjustment possible. Moreover, a good quality ergonomic design chair is not at all a waste of a penny.

How do I know which gaming chair is bad?

From the poor lumbar support, you can identify that the chair is made up of poor quality and material. Moreover, the poor-quality gaming chair does not come with lumbar pillows, headrest, and footrest as well. So, you have to be extra careful when making a decision.


Till now you must have known about the different types and brands of gaming chairs that are worth the purchase.

What do you think?

Hence, my suggestion to you will be that you should first understand the working of the chair, its performance, and read thoroughly about its prominent features as mentioned in our product review section. Only then, you will be able to analyze what feature suits you and which gaming chair you need to buy.

I know that most of the gamers are spending their time sitting steady on their chairs, but they need to understand the importance of these racing plus comfortable chairs. Therefore, you should buy the best version of the gaming chairs that have enclosed all the latest properties and features.

Whereas, my top-pick will surely be none other than Gaming Chair PU that is made up of durable and high-quality leather. It also includes a footrest, headrest, and an ergonomic design armrest option. You can fulfill all your computer-related tasks with comfort and joy.







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